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We held a Founding Anniversary Party

In the founding of Tryfull Inc., we invited people who took care and business partners and held a small founding anniversary party.

We offered finger foods, snacks, drinks such as beer and wine from around the world at the party.

In addition, we conducted a national costume fashion show by casts from the casting agency "Multilingual Casting" of our main business of foreign language human resource.

Greetings from Representative, Kuno

Our main business "Multilingual Casting" is a business that we just launched last July as a part of the project of “OUTBOUND K.K. ".

Since then, in just six months, we have grown into a service that can arrange over 300 casts all over the world. And in January of this year, Tryfull Inc. has been established.

Thanks to the support of many people, including everyone who came here today, I was able to come to this place. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you all.

What Tryfull aims for –

One is to deal with languages and places over the world and the other is to spread events’ business possibility rapidly by managing multilingual human resource which exactly fits for needs of various customers seamlessly as if there is no national border.

Also, by working freely, we would like to prepare the place where more people can shine while taking care of their own identity. Moreover, with casting as the axis, it is to create exciting, thrilling things that everyone has never seen before and making people around the world smile and energizing.

From now on, we will unite with casts all over the world, and we will strive to create a better future. Although we are a newly born small company, we will continue to work hard to live up to your expectations.

We appreciate your continued guidance and cooperation.

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