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Our representative Hanako Kuno and “Multilingual Casting” are introduced in SEKAI LAB TIMES

In SEKAI LAB TIMES our representative Kuno and “Multilingual Casting” are introduced as company which reach out to the unreachable part by the existing common sense of the industry and provide human resources capable of handling high quality foreign languages.

※Following is a summary of the contents.

To provide multilingual-talent at the spot is our basic service.

The reason why the term of contract is shortened is because we want people registered to our company to feel the joy of choosing the job and the choice from the client. It is a big appeal to be able to work freely from a day if schedule and condition are fit.

We have the same salary standards throughout the world, and there is a desire to provide standards that anyone can work in the same way.

Recent years in Japan, I think people who are overly conscious are tend to be thought they are stupid. However, even if they are clumsy, those who are trying hard must be evaluated and I want to build a culture which they are to be supported naturally.

Moreover, the ability of those people tends to grow in the long term

I think that Japanese tend to constantly seek perfection, but that is not all right and standard of perfection changes dramatically depending on the times. I think if there is a correct answer, it is to provide as much as necessary for the person within that period.

Even if skill and unit price are low, it is not bad. Some of customers do not want such a high skill, but they want human resources with low unit price.

I believe this is our role to link each correct answer firmly.

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